Blog Uggghhhh

I still feel like my blog has yet to take form, perhaps because I don’t do enough interesting things, and mostly lay around knitting and watching Mad Men (or at least I have been the last week and a half of illness). Seriously, a few days ago I put on a pair of pants and a bra and Brad asked, “What are you getting all dolled up for?” He wasn’t being facetious… so that’s a pretty good indicator of the level of inactivity that has been happening lately.

Or maybe it’s that even the interesting activities I do (e.g. riding my bike around in Portland with a cold and nearly suffocating on my own mucous) seem difficult to focus on with the angle of living presently, enjoying the wondrous glow blossom of life, etc. The truth is, I’m not the most positive person. Writing a blog about epiphanies I’m having about life feels like grating my face on a mandoline. Maybe I should refocus the blog? Jetless Jetsetter: Why move when you can marinate in your own squalor? Jetless Jetsetter: Sometimes I wear pants. Jetless Jetsetter: 1000 excuses to not write a blog. Jetless Jetsetter: Knitting Projects and Thoughts on Mad Men reruns on Netflix. Catchy.